Savvy Manager? Get maximum value from your current budget!

It’s that time of year again where budgets are agreed and plans for the next financial year are drawn up. Savvy managers will be looking to get maximum value from their current budget and will take advantage of advance-buy offers in order to maximise the return on their investment in the training and resources required for the coming months.

At IT Governance, we’re committed to helping organisations to get the most from their budgets and offer you the chance to buy now and save for the future.

We have the end-to-end solution for all your information security, IT governance, risk management and compliance needs.

Cyber security will be a high priority in boardrooms right now and ISO 27001 is the only management system standard that will enable you to demonstrate to the board that you are taking this issue seriously.

We have a comprehensive training course catalogue that can help you and your organisation compete and survive in the insecure 21st Century. We have Early Bird pricing for those who plan a long way ahead, and we have last minute discounts for those who need to book a course in the next four weeks. See here.

We even have a special, multi-booking, extra-value discount – book one or more place on all your preferred courses (for any dates between now and 31 December 2012) with a cumulative value of £10k or more and we’ll immediately thrown in a £1k rebate! We’ve only got so many places available at this special price and the offer is only available until 27th March 2012, so you need to act fast!

Delegates get huge benefits from our training – see what previous attendees have said. You can access the same benefits by booking your training today.

We’ve also removed risk: because we know things change, you can change delegate names on courses right up to a week before the course start date. You don’t even have to specify a delegate at this time. Choose between a wide range of courses that suit your requirements and save £1,000 or more in the process. Talk to us today.

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Why choose IT Governance for your training?

  • Comprehensive booking and support for individuals and companies looking for professional training in all areas.
  • Comprehensive foreign delegate support service – including hotel selection, visa support, etc.
  • Our fast-growing range of training courses can be delivered both publicly and in-house.
  • Courses follow a structured learning path from Foundation to Advanced level in the key topics of Information Security, Business Continuity, IT governance and Service Management.

Find out more about our range of training courses. Book online or call 0845 070 1750 today!

We also invite you to attend our free webinar Information Security – Modern Training Landscape this Thursday 8th March. The webinar will explore the subject of information security from a training and learning perspective.

The webinar will be presented by Alan Calder, (CEO), and will address the following:

  • Can providers of education and training respond to the challenge and drive up the skill levels of information assurance and cyber security professionals?
  • What certified specialist training currently exists?


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