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“Using an ITGP Toolkit saved me a lot of time and resource. I would recommend the use of toolkits in the future.”

This is just one comment from a recent survey of ITGP Toolkit customers. 76% of early survey respondents said ITG toolkits delivered value for money and 74% would recommend ITG toolkits to others.

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Our unique toolkits are designed to help small and medium organisations quickly adapt and adopt best management practice in technology governance, risk management and compliance.

ITGP Toolkit Demo We are at the forefront of bringing to market tools, software and publications that are on the cutting-edge of new standards, legislation and government recommendations. Our toolkits have been designed to integrate with each other saving time and money.IT Governance books and toolkits are unique and fit for purpose – they are designed to give you the knowledge and information you need to cost-effectively implement a management system or standard and accelerate organisational learning.


  • Accelerates your project
  • Reduces your project (internal resource and external support) costs
  • Cost-effectively deploys best practice
  • Makes you your own expert
  • Gives you access to drafting expertise
  • Avoids costly, credibility-destroying trial-and-error methods
  • Accelerates organisational learning
  • Crystallizes your approach to complex issues
  • Brings continual improvements to ensure your organisation stays ahead of the curve
  • Pre-written model policies and processes account for all the key issues
  • Templated forms and documents save you time

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