Save Time and Cost with Data Protection Act (DPA) In-House Training

Are you planning to help your organisation become compliant to the Data Protection Act (DPA)? Would you like to train all of the members of your team but doubt that you could justify the cost and their time away from the office?

The best and most cost effective way to train a group of individuals who work together as a team is to organise in-house training.

Arranging for an experienced trainer to visit your office will both accelerate the implementation of any compliance project and ensure your team have the knowledge and skills required.

To help you get your DPA project started and afford the training costs, we are pleased to offer your organisation the opportunity to purchase our 1-day DPA Foundation In-House Training Course delivered on an in-house basis for an exclusive price of £1000 + VAT. **

DPA Foundation Course DPA Foundation In-House Training Course

Price: £1,000
1-day In-house
Book during August 2012

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Our DPA Foundation In-House Training Course is a 1-day session designed to provide you and your staff with a full knowledge of the 8 Principles of the DPA and the practical advice to ensure that all practices associated with processing personal information are implemented and maintained on a continual basis. The course has been created by our Senior DPA Consultant, Ralph O’Brien who has been a DPA practitioner since 1998 and was a co-author of the ACPO Data Protection Audit Manual used by the majority of UK police forces.

** The Fine Print
Please note that our DPA Foundation In-House Training Course offer excludes the cost of our trainer expenses (travel, subsistence) and the cost of any examination service required. It does however include the delivery of an electronic copy of the course documentation which can be easily printed and distributed to all delegates.

Please see our dedicated web page for more information on our complete range of In-House Training Services.

Train Your DPA Team and minimise the cost and hassle of attending public training courses.

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