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  • If your business suffered a disruption caused by an unforeseen event, would you be able to continue trading?
  • Would you know what to do to restore your operations as quickly as possible?
  • Do you have a business continuity plan? If you do, is it fit for purpose?

You need a business continuity plan that defines best practice guidelines if you suffer from IT failure, cyber attack, natural disaster or economic factors.

BS25999 is the best Business Continuity standard that defines the specification and best practice guidelines to develop an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

Our BS25999 toolkit provides all the tools you need to create the documentation for a BS25999 compliant management system.

BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit

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This toolkit comes with our unique drafting support, meaning we can help you if you are struggling with any part of the documentation

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