Running IT like a Business – Out Now!

Running IT like a Business: Accenture’s Step-by-Step Guide is now out to buy from IT Governance Ltd.

This book was written by Accenture’s COO. Accenture is a high-performance Information Technology organisation with more than 215,000 employees in 52 countries. Learn from Accenture’s success with this book, on how they doubled their revenue in 10 years and increased their staff by 300%,whilst significantly cutting their IT spending.

This book will show you how to use the latest technology to do things better, faster and more cheaply. You will be able to take Accenture’s real-life examples and implement them into your business, unlocking your IT function’s hidden potential.

This book will show you how your IT function can:

  • take advantage of communication and collaboration technologies to facilitate networking across the enterprise, leading to greater synergy and higher productivity
  • identify and analyze business risks and apply measures to reduce these risks
  • implement technologies to diversify and grow your business
  • develop vital communication skills and techniques to facilitate the change process
  • realize cost savings across the organization.

You will also learn the seven key elements of Accenture’s IT strategy and the ‘tricks of the trade’.

Buy this book and see how Accenture’s strategies will work for your business too!