Revolutionise your leadership methods and become a lightning conductor for change!

In austere times, IT leaders need to be more radical if their organisations are to succeed – this book helps you change the IT Leader’s mindset.

Changing the IT Leader's Mindset (eBook)

Changing the IT Leader’s Mindset (eBook)

  • Successfully balance Transactional and Transformational Leadership
  • Understand the IT Leader stereotype and how to alter its perception
  • Utilise tools like action learning and co-creation.


By employing key steps and reflective points, this book provides useful tools and sound advice to help you get to grips with balancing soft skills with hard techniques, letting you break out of the IT stereotype and bring innovation into the inner sanctum of your organisation.

Expert advice on combining soft skills with hard techniques to fundamentally revolutionise relations with the Board.

There is often a large gap in the relationship between the CIO and the Board. There is a disparity between their priorities and modes of communication, with Board members often distrusting CIOs despite their technical excellence.

Are you a stereotypical IT Leader?

Although the typical aspects of the stereotypical IT Leader are extremely valuable, they are often regarded as incompatible, not only with the Board, but also with modern business strategy, which now tends to emerge through a process of ongoing dialogue in response to ill-defined, dynamic and often unpredictable market conditions.

Master soft skills

In order to break into the Board’s confidence and help to lead their organisation, CIOs must now become masters of the soft skills, and deal with imperfectly seizing the unknown, rather than working to perfect the known.

Strike a balance – bring innovation and success

Incorporating the latest business thinking, this book explains how the IT Leader can strike this balance, evolve into the CTO – Chief Transformation Officer – and really contribute to the development and success of business enterprises.

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