Revealed: Hidden Benefits of DPA Compliance

There is a common misconception that complying with the UK Data Protection Act (DPA) is a chore, and that data controller’s only deal with this issue to avoid data breaches, fines, and brand / reputation damage. While these are all good reasons to become DPA compliant, there are hidden benefits that many people are unaware of, such as:

  • Saving money – Storing excessive amounts of data that you will never use can be expensive and a headache to manage. DPA compliance will bring down your data storage costs and reduce manual processes which, in turn, will deliver efficiency savings.
  • Increase repeat business – DPA compliance improves the integrity of your data, including your customer data. You will improve your marketing capabilities through better segmentation, improved targeting and higher ROI.

These are just two of the benefits that DPA compliance can bring to your organisation. For a more in depth understanding of the 8 principles of the DPA;
powers of the Information Commissioner; individuals’ legal rights; the new DPA enforcement regime and options available for ensuring compliance, plus more benefits that DPA compliance will bring – attend our 1-day DPA Foundation Course:

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DPA Foundation Course – 31 March in London

DPA Foundation Course This interactive and enjoyable one-day course gives both new and experienced staff and management – those involved with or responsible for personal data – an oversight of what the Data Protection Act means to their business also to their own rights as an individual.

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Jonathan Pillinger, Senior Associate, Corporate Compliance, Postcomm

Book the 31 March course at a special offer price!

Our DPA expert trainer has been a DPA practitioner since 1998. He has a legal background, was a police data protection officer/auditor, wrote the ACPO data protection audit manual, set up a local authority DPA compliance regime, and has extensive DPA training and consultancy experience in both the public and private sectors. Our trainer’s experience in DPA implementation, audit and compliance enables him to deliver an interesting training course, deeply grounded in practical reality.

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