Register online to demonstrate your IBITGQ credentials

Do you hold an IBITGQ exam certificate achieved by passing an IBITGQ/gasq examination?

If you do, did you know that you can register your qualification on the international gasq Successful Candidate Register for free?

The benefits of IBITGQ registration are clear:

  • Demonstrate the validity of your qualification to current and prospective employers worldwide
  • Promote your services and credentials to generate new business opportunities
  • Exchange ideas and views with other IBITGQ qualification holders

The Global Association for Software Quality (gasq) is the principal examination body for IBITGQ. The exam body gasq certifies qualifications on behalf of the IBITGQ and, like other international exam bodies such as (ISC)2, EXIN and APMG, is fully certificated to the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard (General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons).

To see how your name and qualification will be displayed, please view the gasq Successful Candidate Register. Under “Programme” select “IBITGQ”, then click “Search” to list all of the people currently registered.

Online registration is free of change and can be completed in just a few minutes.

Click here to register your IBITGQ qualifications

Register your IBITGQ qualification as soon as possible to take advantage of these free benefits. You can contact me directly if you need further information or assistance with the registration process.