Reduce Operating Costs and Demonstrate Good Environmental Stewardship

Efficient management of energy usage is one means of reducing your operating costs and also of demonstrating good environmental stewardship.

The EN16001 standard assists organisations in demonstrating efficient energy management. Certification to this new standard makes a statement about your organisation that will be understood by all stakeholders: that you are demonstrating your commitment to improved energy performance.

Many organisations that become certified to EN16001 do so as a result of successful certification to the more established environmental management system, ISO14001.

ISO14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system (EMS), which provides a framework for an organisation to control the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services, and to continually improve its environmental performance.

At IT Governance, we have developed documentation toolkits for both these standards, which are suitable for all organisations:

  1. EN16001 Energy Management System Documentation Toolkit
  2. ISO14001 EMS Environmental Management System Documentation Toolkit

Purchasing both toolkits at the same time makes sense, and reduces the total cost by 25%.


Combi-Toolkit – Energy & Environmental Management System

Energy & Environmental Management System Combi-toolkit The ITGP ISO14001 Documentation Toolkit and the EN16001 Documentation Toolkit are designed to be complementary and have a number of documents in common. Purchasing both toolkits at the same time makes sense, and reduces the total cost of the toolkits by 25%.

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Most organisations that are implementing a management system that conforms to either ISO14001 (Environmental Management System Standard) or EN16001 (Energy Management System Standard) could, with little extra work, extend their system to include the relevant aspects of the other system.

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