Received an email about a parking ticket? Don’t open, it’s a scam

Once again cyber criminals have been sending out malicious emails disguised as legitimate emails from the UK Government. This time, they are focused around parking tickets.

Claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice, the email reads:

Your vehicle was recorded parked on our Clients Private Property at Katherine Road driveways from 12.13.23PM to 14.40.36PM on the 11.02.2014 and remained on site for 2 hour 27 min.

A notice was sent to you on 6.03.2014 which gives 28 days to pay full PARKING CHARGE or challenge the issue.

The amount of £70.00 is now due if payment not received within 28 days, an additional 40.00 administration charge will be incurred. Failure to pay the full outstanding balance within 14 days of the date of this notice could result in the outstanding balance being registered as a debt against you. You will also become liable for additional costs and interest invoiced. Your ability to obtain credit in the future could be affected.

We are holding photographic evidence on file to support this claim.


With the exception of a few basic grammar errors, the email can be easily mistaken for a legitimate email from the Ministry of Justice, especially as it includes their logo.

The files attached to the email are malicious and due to the scam being new, it’s possible that your anti-virus software won’t detect it.

The Ministry of Justice has released a warning, stating that anyone who receives the email should immediately delete it.

This scam is further proof that individuals are as much at risk as organisations are, and that routine tasks such as opening an email can lead to a malicious attack.

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