Read All About It: The Sun Hacked

Just as the storm surrounding The News of The World’s phone hacking scandal seemed to be subsiding, its parent company News International found another one of its publications, The Sun, in the news yesterday due to a data breach.

Chris Duncan, director of the Customer Data Division at News International revealed that on the 19th July the Sun’s website was hacked and thousands of user’s personal details, including names, email addresses, and phone numbers had been copied and posted on forums. The attack came on the same day as when hackers posted a fake article of the death of Rupert Murdoch on the Sun’s website.

The hackers stole details of applicants to various competitions run by the paper. Commenting on the issue News Group, who own the Sun stated:

“We take customer data extremely seriously and are working with the relevant authorities to resolve this matter. We are directly contacting any customer affected by this.”

Data Protection is something of a hot topic at the moment; and it isn’t something which is just making the headlines for the likes of Rupert Murdoch. 2011 has seen an exponential growth in data theft, cyber crime and breaches of the Data Protection Act.

It is a requirement of all UK businesses to comply with the Data Protection Act. Failure to comply with the DPA and data breaches can expose your business to fines from the ICO (Information Commissioners Office), brand damage and loss of business.

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