Ransomware more malicious than CryptoLocker will be available to hackers soon

2014 has just started but the threat of an incredibly malicious piece of malware is already about to hit the market.

Researchers have warned that a new threat, similar to that of CryptoLocker, is likely to hit the black market soon.

Using harder-to-crack encryption methods than CryptoLocker, Prison Locker has been rumoured to be much more dangerous and harder to remove.

When Prison Locker infects a PC, it opens a new display window and disables the escape key as well as several windows processes such as taskmgr.exe and cmd.exe. Without these functions, a user will be unable to close this new window.

Just like CryptoLocker, Prison Locker accepts payments via Bitcoin which will allows infected users to pay the ransom thus gaining them access to their PC and files.

Many will be opposed to paying the ransom but the developer of this ransomware stated that it uses “practically unbreakable encryption”.

The developer, also known as Gyx, went further to say: “I have changed the first level of encryption to BlowFish, and a unique BlowFish key is generated for each file.That BlowFish key is then encrypted with an RSA key specific to the PC, and then the RSA block is stored with the file to be decrypted later.”

This malware is likely to be priced at around $100, which will most likely attract a large amount of buyers.

Organisations must step up their cyber security  to ensure that they’re protected against these threats.

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