Raise Your Staff’s Awareness On DPA With Our ITG e-Learning Course

The list of recent high profile cyber attacks on the databases of Sony Pictures Entertainment, the US Senate, and one of the NHS’ primary care trusts (PCTs), has been extended by yesterday’s hackers’ attacks on the CIA and Malaysian government’s websites.

In all cases, data security breaches were described as “a local issue” and “quite a low-level” lapse in IT security.

Well, that’s not a really good explanation, especially when, in Sony’s case, data from millions of users, including their names, passwords, birthdates and email addresses, were exposed to hackers.

All these incidents have contributed to irreversible brand damage, ruining customer relations and loss of revenue, not to mention paying fines, in Sony’s case $171 million!

Keep it safe, keep it legal with our DPA Staff Awareness e-learning Course!

All UK organisations, depending on the nature of their business and the type of data they handle, are required to comply with the set of legal requirements, best practice and industry guidelines on how they store information. Both private and public sector organisations are subject to the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Luckily, IT Governance has drawn on its years of Data Protection Act awareness training to produce the world’s most useful and complete online e-learning Data Protection Awareness course.

This course is for all employees in your organisation that are involved in processing personal information in their daily job.

Train your staff today and avoid any “low-level” slips in your organisation’s IT security.

How can IT Governance make it work for your organisation?

Our DPA awareness course is designed to make it easy for us to adapt our generic course to your organisation’s individual needs. We can insert your policies and procedures, contact information, and specific instructions for your staff, as well as your own logos and colour scheme. The ‘core customisation’ and the cost of doing this are included in our standard pricing for multi-user licenses, if you have 51 or more members of staff to train.



ITG e-Learning Course – DPA Staff Awareness – The Course Covers:

ITG e-Learning DPA Staff Awareness Course
  • What the Data Protection Act (DPA) is
  • Who it protects
  • The 8 data protection principles
  • An individual’s 6 data protection rights
  • Your role in protecting personal data in your day-to-day work
  • Read more about the course here

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