Radically increase your sales through social media

Play.com made sales worth £2m through its Facebook page in 2011, and increased its followers by 370% from 75,000 to 350,000.

Adam Stewart, Director of Marketing at Play.com said, “We know that there is a lot of discussion at the moment about how to quantify the value of social fans. Our results show that through intelligent engagement, social fans, particularly on Facebook, are massively valuable to online retailers.”

Social Media should be a critical part of how you speak to your customers, partners and stakeholders, but for many companies it is a dangerous distraction.

The Social Media Governance Toolkit contains a comprehensive suite of documents and templates that will help you develop, implement, monitor and improve social media activities across your organisation.

Social Media Governance Toolkit Social Media Governance Toolkit

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The templates and guidance in this toolkit will help you create an appropriate social media governance framework. It will help you identify appropriate social media objectives, as well as assign roles and responsibilities.

It contains a full set of policies and procedures that help organisations implement appropriate acceptable use frameworks, reduce risks from the corporate use of social media whilst helping them integrate social media into their marketing, communication and positioning strategies.

See the improvements to your business using an effective social media framework.

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