Protect your business in 2014 with ISO 22301

What threats will your business face in 2014? As experts are busy making their forecasts for next year, the truth is that the threats are far too many to be able to predict all those that could affect you. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for unforeseen events – but only if you embrace business continuity management.

Most organisations will be satisfied with implementing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan with the belief that it will be enough for when a disaster strikers. However, when they find out that their plan isn’t up to scratch, it will most likely be too late.

Protecting your business from fires, cyber attacks, supply chain failures or IT issues is vital. The best way to protect your business is to create a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) aligned to the international standard ISO 22301.

A survey conducted by Continuity Central showed that 75.8% of respondents are aligning their business continuity to ISO22301, which demonstrates that ISO 22301 is becoming a popular option for those who are looking to protect their business from unexpected disasters

Aligning your BCMS to ISO 22301 involves a hefty amount of documentation, which will consume a large portion of your time. Thankfully, IT Governance Publishing has a solution.
Designed to help speed up an ISO 22301 project, the ISO 22301 Implementation Toolkit will save you huge amounts of time on research and document writing by providing policy and procedure documentation templates. This toolkit has been prepared by ISO 22301 experts who have been involved in many BCMS implementation projects, so you can be confident knowing that the templates will be exactly what you need to achieve compliance.

Until 23rd December we’re offering our latest ISO 22301 titles with this toolkit at a discounted rate:

The additional resources will provide you with guidance during implementation and how to maintain your BCMS, ensuring your organisation is ready for any unplanned incident