Protect Your Business from Cyber Risk

The risk of an attack on the information contained within Government IT systems has been identified in the recently announced UK National Security Strategy as one of the four ‘highest priority risks’ faced by the UK today. While the UK government will be providing significant resources to protect national assets, the responsibility to protect the assets of your company is yours!

The stakes are high and the potential impact of ‘cyber risk’ to your business includes financial loss from theft and the loss of invaluable customer information or Intellectual Property. We believe that cyber risk and business resilience are the most important security issues facing businesses in the UK.

How can you protect the assets of your business from the risks associated with cyber crime?

How can you be assured that you have sufficient security measures in place to avoid or mitigate the current and future cyber risks?

The IT Governance 360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package is designed to provide your organisation with a complete cyber risk assessment and deliver practical recommendations for the remedial activities required to reduce or eliminate the risks of cyber crime. Product Title

This package offers a suite of dedicated solutions which include:

  • Vulnerability Scanning – fully automated scanning to identify and report on the complete range of potential weak points in your system.
  • Penetration Testing – with the knowledge of your key vulnerabilities and your permission, we will use ethical hacking techniques to identify how weakness can be exploited.
  • Web Application Testing – given that 70% of commercial cyber attacks use vulnerable Web applications, we will test weak points such as shopping carts, online forms and blogs.
  • Social Testing – while the cyber risks from external sources are high, the risks from ‘white collar crime’ committed by staff and associates within your company are even higher.
  • Assessment Report – a complete set of reports indentifying vulnerabilities and recommending appropriate solutions to remove or mitigate each of the cyber risks.

360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package

Routine assessment of your IT system and information security management is the only way of establishing that your networks and applications are genuinely secure against today’s automated cyber risks.

Please take the opportunity to contact us directly to discuss your requirements and find out how you can book your 360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package.

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PS. If you would like to know more about the cyber risk challenges to your business, we recommend that you read of ‘CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime’ by Julie E. Mehan which is exclusively available from the ITGP Book Store.