Protect Your Brand And Achieve PCI Compliance Quickly With Our Toolkit

It is crucially important to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you are committed to the highest levels of payment card protection. Instilling confidence that you have secure payments systems and compliance to PCI DSS is not only a business driver, but also a brand protector.

Verizon’s recent 2011 report on PCI compliance re-enforces this message. It found that 79% of organizations it assessed were not PCI compliant; and more worryingly 90% of organizations that were hit with a data breach were not PCI compliant.

At IT Governance we have created the PCI DSS Documentation Compliance Toolkit, which can help you achieve PCI compliance quickly, and cost-effectively.

PCI DSS v2.0 Documentation Compliance Toolkit PCI DSS v2.0 Documentation Compliance Toolkit
Price: $449.95

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This toolkit provides all the tools and documentation templates you need to become PCI compliant. This toolkit will guide you through:

  • Understanding the PCI DSS Standard
  • The initial PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Data storage Do’s and Don’ts
  • Creating a Roadmap
  • Guidance on implementation and how to complete the document templates

The templates within this toolkit are all easily customizable to your organization, and we also include a 12 month drafting support service. Therefore we can guide you through any issues you have in completing a particular policy document.

Protect your brand and become PCI compliant quickily with this toolkit >>