Profit warnings and store closures caused by snow

HMV are to close 40 stores this year as sales dive. UK clothes retailer Next has said the December snow cost it £22m in Christmas sales, and Mothercare and Clinton Cards issue profit warnings after the winter weather hit their businesses. UK VAT went up to 20% on 4th January (from 17.5%), putting additional strain on consumer spending, which makes for a gloomy outlook on the high street.

It’s not just consumer facing organisations that suffer with adverse weather conditions. Any organisation that depends on the movement of goods will suffer some kind of inconvenience when the snow causes havoc on the roads and stops airports from opening.

Although there is very little you can do about the weather, you can reduce the impact it has on your organisation by implementing a business continuity management system that will enable you to resume business quickly and efficiently and to respond to unforeseen events.

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