PRINCE2 Charming – How PRINCE2 Charmed the World of Project Management

PRINCE2® has charmed the world of project management by offering a structured and process-based approach to project management. It offers a method that is scalable, that can be tailored to your organisation and that works for your business.

Other project management methods or best practices, such as PMBOK  or the International Standard for project management, ISO 21500,  merely offer sources of best practice guidance. PRINCE2 on the other hand gives a clear process for project management. As it is process based, each PRINCE2 project moves from stage to stage in a clearly understandable way.

It is pretty easy to see why PRINCE2 has charmed the world. With PRINCE2 it shows you how to structure a project, whereas other frameworks and standards just empower you to manage projects by giving you the methods for working but without any structure.

All of the official PRINCE2 books are available from the IT Governance Webshop:

If you are starting out in managing projects, PRINCE2 is the method you should use!