Preparing for TickITplus? Complete the Mandatory Foundation Training

Preparing to become TickITplus certificated?

Did you know It is mandatory that your organisation has at least one TickITplus Foundation qualified Practitioner?

The TickITplus Core Scheme Requirements document confirms that an organisation requires at least one member of its team to be a TickITplus Practitioner to ensure it achieves certification to the scheme.

This is outlined in the requirement statement:

“For all capability levels, the organization shall have assigned at least one registered TickITplus Practitioner or Assessor (see the TickITplus document Requirements for Assessors and Practitioners) either directly employed or subcontracted at, or above, the grade being sought to be responsible for TickITplus-based improvements and assessments [CSR250]”

A TickITplus Practitioner must have completed the TickITplus Foundation training course and pass the associated examination.

TickITplus Foundation Training Course & Exam TickITplus Foundation Training Course & Exam
23-24 August 2012 in London

RRP: £1,050
Price: £895
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Our TickITplus Foundation training course is a 2-day session designed to enhance the understanding of TickITplus concepts, materials, process capability assessments and the role of the Base Processes Library (BPL). It also provides delegates with a firm overview of the scheme, its operation and basic knowledge of the relevant associated standards. This course prepares delegates for the TickiTplus Foundation examination (included in the price) which is taken at the end of training programme.

Why choose IT Governance for your TickITplus training?

IT Governance is an accredited TickITplus training provider, supplying organisations throughout the world with expert-led training, books, standards and toolkits. Not only are we the official manager of the TickITplus Scheme Office, we also operate the official TickITplus website.

Ensure you train and prepare for TickITplus certification.

Book on the TickITplus Foundation training course online today!

PS. If you are not yet ready to attend the TickITplus Foundation course, we recommend that you purchase and review the TickITplus Core Scheme Requirements document.