Prepare for cyber attacks with cyber security training

PresentationWhile experts and professionals alike acknowledge that there is a global cyber security skills shortage, less attention is being paid to the need to harness the skills of the existing workforce.

Cyber security skills shortage – the facts

According to ISACA’s 2015 Global Cybersecurity Status Report 86% of business and IT professionals globally believe there is a shortage of cyber security professionals. Two-thirds (64%) of the respondents also said that they expect their organisation to experience a cyber attack in 2015, but only 45% claimed to be prepared for such an eventuality.

54% of the respondents admit that it is difficult to identify who has adequate skills and knowledge when hiring new graduates for entry-level cyber security positions. 34% expect it will be difficult to find skilled candidates.

Taking advantage of industry frameworks

ISACA’s international vice president, Ramsés Gallego, commented on the report findings for Infosecurity Magazine, “At ISACA, we feel that there’s a need for foundational training, and then a further set of training modules to amplify and expand how to better protect and defend businesses. Standards and frameworks are here to provide guidance but, again, picking the right one – the one that suits the need of your enterprise – is key to success.”

Implementing information security best practice is a logical way to protect businesses from cyber threats. Standards and frameworks offer a management approach to security, allowing organisations to use existing human resources and provide them with the necessary knowledge and qualifications.

The UK Government’s 2014 Cyber Security Skills report revealed that skills related to implementing secure systems, followed by operational security management, incident management and information risk management are among the cyber security skills that companies find most difficult to recruit.

ISO 27001 qualifications

ISO 27001 is the international information security management standard that provides guidance on the development, implementation and maintenance of an information security management system (ISMS). With global growth of 14% in 2013, the Standard is regarded as one of the most popular information security frameworks. It is little wonder that ISO 27001 qualifications are some of the most sought after, according to the Cyber Security Skills report and job sites.

Organisations and individuals new to ISO 27001 or in the process of implementing ISO 27001 can follow the ISO 27001 learning pathway to build knowledge and develop understanding. Moreover, professionals can progress their career by acquiring industry-recognised qualifications.

ISO27001 Lead Implementer ISO27001 2013 Transition ISO27001 Foundation Information Security Foundation ISO27001 Lead Auditor ISO27005 Risk Management ISO27001 Internal Auditor

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