Poll: Would your organisation survive a cyber attack?

It’s a daunting thought, isn’t it? Trying to imagine the consequences for your organisation after a cyber attack may not be hard, but more importantly you have to understand how to deal with them. If you truly want to be really prepared for a cyber attack, then you have to assume that will happen and act accordingly.

What do you honestly believe?

Whether or not you are directly responsible for cyber security, I’m curious to know how many people honestly believe that their organisation is protected against cyber threats. I’ve created the following poll which is 100% anonymous, so please give your honest opinion.

[socialpoll id=”2188416″]

I’m hoping that the results will show that most people believe they are cyber secure, but previous experience tells me the results will be different.

What’s next?

If you voted ‘Yes’ then congratulations and hopefully, your response is correct.

If you voted ‘No’ then you have some work to do.

Depending on your job role your next steps will differ. If cyber security is your main responsibility, then I suggest you read the Critical Issues Series: Cyber Security to gain a better understanding of the threats. If cyber secure isn’t one of your main responsibilities then send this blog post to the relevant person.