Physical security products your employees will love

When we talk about data protection and information security we often focus on the high level activities and pay not enough attention to the details that really matter. In an effort to develop the optimal security plan or strategy, it is easy to forget about the basic things which are really simple and quick to do. By this, I mean physical security products, which don’t cost the earth, but are crucial for protecting your information.

The use of physical security products must be an integral part of any organisation’s cyber security company. References to equipment protection and management of removable media have been made in the relevant controls within the international information security Standard ISO27001.

  • Control A.9.2.1 – ‘Equipment shall be sited or protected to reduce the risks from environmental threats and hazards, and opportunities for unauthorised access.’
  • Control A.10.7.1 – ‘There shall be procedures in place for the management of removable media.’

Let’s admit it; it’s in our human nature to make mistakes. Losing an item can happen to anyone. It may even have not been your fault; it may have been stolen from you. However, things can become really serious when the loss is related to confidential information which shouldn’t go into the wrong hands. Statistics show that a large number of data breaches are due to human errors. See a report from the Big Brother Watch >>>.

Loss of confidential information can have a devastating impact on any organisation. Just imagine the reaction of your customers, investors and other stakeholders if you report a data breach. Will they be able to trust you anymore? They may not blame you for your negligence of losing the portable device where the information was stored (yes, it happens), but you will most certainly be made responsible for not making sure that in the case of theft or loss, the information you were carrying was protected.

There are hundreds of possible scenarios as to how your information can be accessed by unauthorised individuals. Something as unobtrusive as working on your lap top on the train or in the foyer before your next meeting exposes your information to risk. You don’t think that the person looking over your shoulder is really interested in your financial statements or your marketing plans, or your customer’s account.  What if you are wrong? Perhaps this videos will make you less naive >>>

Physical Security – So what can you do?

Of course, you have the choice to do nothing and accept the risk of losing confidential information which will certainly result in reputational damage and financial losses.

Or, you can use clever technology such as encrypted portable devices and visual security products, which make it possible for modern organisations in the 21st century to be flexible whilst ensuring security.

Act now! Purchase the two major security products that will give you and your employees a piece of mind!

  • SafeXs FIPS 197 USB Stick Silver Package – the ideal solution for small enterprises looking for a secure-USB solution all in one for an effective price. Customers who order the package in March will receive a SafeConsoleLite licence for each of the sticks for one year for free, thus saving £150.
  • 3M Black Privacy Filter – a cost-effective visual security solution. 3M Privacy Filters employ micro-louvre black-out privacy technology to prevent anyone viewing your screen from either side whilst allowing you to continue to view your screen with ease.