Persue ITILv3 Intermediate Certification

ITILv3 Foundation level qualifications provide a great base from which you can build your career . If you already have the foundation level certificate, your next step will be the Intermediate level qualifications.

To help you acheive your goals and to take the next step, we have have put the following offer together, but you must act now!

Buy an ITILv3 Intermediate Distance Learning package before the end of June and we’ll send you an ITIL: Key Element Guide Suite, absolutely free! Get theseITIL: Key Element Guide Suite


ITILv3 Intermediate Distance and eLearning:

Our range of accredited eLearning courses for the ITILv3 Intermediate exams are delivered online and you are able to access each course for a period of 90 days. The courses are available from the links below:

ITILv3 Certification – Service Lifecycle Stream Courses:

ITILv3 Certification – Service Capability Stream Courses:

Find out more about the ITILv3 qualification scheme.

Don’t forget, to receive your free Key Element Guide Suite you must purchase an ITILv3 Intermediate Distance Learning Package before the end of June!