Penetration testing: the right tool for achieving peak cyber security

If you are passionate about something – like music, cycling or Formula 1 racing, – you will agree that it is essential that you use the right tools, techniques and procedures in order to maintain peak performance.  In the same way, the right tools, methods and frameworks must be applied for maintaining an acceptable level of cyber security.

One such method is penetration testing, of which much uncertainty still exists over what exactly the scope of the penetration test should cover, why it is needed, and which tests are the right kind of test for your business.

So what pen test do you need?

There are many reasons why penetration testing is conducted. Let’s call these the drivers for doing a pen test.  These drivers will influence the type of test that you ultimately choose.  This is because the scope of the pen test can range from a very detailed, extensive series of tests that can last for several weeks, to a test that needs to be conducted in order to fulfil a certain compliance requirement.

Although simply conducting a penetration test in order to ‘tick the box’ is not a desirable approach towards maintaining cyber security,  it does offer  a starting point for identifying vulnerabilities and risks that need to be addressed.  Frequent testing is also important, in order to keep up with the continued evolution of new vulnerabilities.

Any reputable penetration testing provider will always try to help you find the test solution that matches your organisation’s needs.    The value you gain from a penetration test is largely dependent on your choices in who you trust as a penetration testing provider, what degree of freedom you entrust that provider with, and how effectively they are able to report on the test findings.

IT Governance, a Crest member company, has developed a brief guiding document to help you decide which service you need, how to get the most out of your test, and how to explain the reasons for testing to your senior management team.

Both these documents,  Tips for getting the most out of your penetration test, and  “20 reasons why penetration testing is crucial for your business” can be downloaded for free from the IT Governance website.

There is also an informative webinar for newcomers to penetration tests that provide useful information and advice about penetration testing for non-technical managers.

Alternatively, contact IT Governance today to find out more about our range of flexible and cost-effective penetration testing solutions available on +44-845-070-1750 or email us on