Pen Testing – it’s all in the Report

Many suppliers of pen testing services in the UK provide very effective technical tests but often fail to deliver a comprehensive Penetration Testing Report. The quality of the information contained in the report and its relationship to the identification of the potential threats, is crucial to ensuring your networks and applications are truly secure.

What should you expect from our Penetration Test Report?

While a great deal of technical effort is applied during the testing and analysis, the real value of our Penetration Testing Service is in the report and the subsequent briefing provided to your key stakeholders. Each report includes the following:

  • A complete description of the tests performed
  • Each potential vulnerability identified and ranked in order of importance
  • A proposed remedial solution for each potential vulnerability
  • An Executive Summary that clearly identifies the business risks and possible solutions
  • The opportunity to discuss all tests and recommendations as required.

Not just for the IT Manager

The information in the Penetration Test Report should always be shared with senior management and other key stakeholders. Prior to any testing, we recommend that you undertake a risk assessment to identify the major potential threats to your system and align the potential damage that they may cause to the key objectives of your organisation. These risks may include the loss of confidential information, the failure of communications or the failure of a business critical system such as an e-commerce site.

The IT Governance Penetration Test Report always includes an Executive Summary that identifies these business risks and possible solutions in non-technical layman’s terms. In addition to the standard report, many of our customers also ask us to attend a meeting at their office to present our results and recommendations in detail.

What makes our Penetration Testing Service unique?

IT Governance has a long and distinguished history in the provision of information security expertise and solutions and is widely known for its work in helping organisations achieve compliance with the PCI DSS and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standards. Our Penetration Testing Service builds on this foundation to provide the highest quality security testing of your IT networks and applications.

Why should you choose IT Governance for your Penetration Testing Service?

  • Practical risk assessment to ensure testing meets all security objectives
  • All types of testing provided, including system, applications and staff assessment
  • Qualified Certified Security testers employing the latest ethical techniques
  • Comprehensive testing report outlining all appropriate remedial actions.

Please take the opportunity to contact us directly to discuss your requirements and find out how you can book your Penetration Testing Service. Our Customer Service Team will be delighted to hear from you and, if required, can arrange for one our Consultants to call you for a no-obligation chat.

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