Pen Testing – Fixed Cost and Known Benefits

Our research shows that even experienced IT professionals can find Penetration Testing complex to purchase and arrange. There also appears to be much confusion as to why the costs for this service seem to vary from supplier to supplier!

The usual explanation from suppliers is that Penetration Testing is proportional to the complexity of your IT system, and they need to put time and effort into fully understanding your needs. In our experience, the potential hacker does not need to fully understand your system, or your business, to find most of the major vulnerabilities in your network and Web applications.

At IT Governance, our approach to Penetration Testing is to use our knowledge of hacking methodologies to simulate malicious attacks, indentify the key vulnerabilities and recommend remedial activities. We can start on this work almost immediately and, for most organisations, can offer this service at a fixed cost.

To help your company complete an essential Penetration Test of your IT system within a fixed budget, IT Governance is pleased to announce the availability of the ITG Penetration Testing Packages.

The benefits of the IT Governance Penetration Testing Package include:

  • A complete solution for the efficient and routine testing of your IT system
  • Ensuring that networks and applications are secure against cyber attacks
  • An agreed scope of testing delivered for known and fixed costs
  • A comprehensive report indentifying vulnerabilities and recommended remedial activity.

For smaller organisations, we recommend the ITG Penetration Testing – Standard Package which consists of the following services:

ITG Penetration Testing – Standard Package
  • Network Testing – for a system with up to 20 externally facing IP addresses (preferably same subnet) and up to four internal servers running in a single organisation. This includes testing of firewalls, routers and switches.
  • Test Report – a complete description of the tests performed, with each potential vulnerability identified and ranked in order of importance. A remedial solution is recommended for each of the potential vulnerabilities. This includes an Executive Summary that clearly identifies the business risks and possible solutions in non-technical layman’s terms.

Please note that a range of optional ‘testing modules’ can be added to any IT Governance Penetration Testing Package. These include the testing of an externally facing Web Application (recommended) or a Wireless Network system as required.

Please take the opportunity to contact us directly to discuss your requirements and find out how you can book your Penetration Testing Service. Our Customer Service team will be delighted to hear from you and, if required, can arrange for one our Consultants to call you for a no-obligation chat.

For further information, please e-mail or call on 08450 701750.

ITG Penetration Testing – Standard Package