PCI DSS Staff Awareness Training – essential for meeting the PCI DSS requirements and avoiding fines

Any organisation that processes, transmits or stores payment card data must comply with the PCI DSS Standard. Moreover, individual employees also have to meet the requirements of the current version of the standard to ensure that cardholder data is protected.

No matter how much effort you put-in to enhance information security defences within your organisation, staff will always be the weakest link. Unless your employees are aware of the requirements of the PCI standard and understand what is required from them, the risk of a data breach in your organisation remains high.

How do you ensure that you are not the next one to be fined for PCI DSS incompliance because your staff has let you down?

Our PCI DSS Staff Awareness eLearning course is your most effective tool for ensuring PCI DSS compliance. Give your staff the knowhow to meet the specific requirements of the standard.

PCI DSS Staff Awareness eLearning course PCI DSS Staff Awareness eLearning course

  • Multi-user licenses available
  • Customisable version available
  • Hosted internally or externally

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This eLearning course will raise the awareness and understanding of the PCI DSS standrad in your organisation, ensuring you comply with the standard, protect your customer’s data and avoid a data breach

Benefits of this course include:

  • Massive financial cost savings in comparison to traditional training options
  • Minimal office disruption – staff train at their desks
  • Minimal administration – comprehensive reports available
  • Systematic evidence that training has actually been provided – underpinning disciplinary actions
  • Simple to use with relevant and informative content

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