PCI DSS – Meeting the Staff Awareness Requirements

All organisations that store, process or transmit payment card information must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Ensuring that new and existing staff members are continually aware of the company information security policy is a compulsory requirement of this standard.

Failure to comply with PCI DSS may result in being fined or even permanently excluded from a payment card scheme. More importantly, the failure to implement an effective information security awareness programme may result in the loss of valuable information and the confidence of your customers.

How can you ensure that you fully comply with the staff awareness requirements of PCI DSS?


ITG PCI DSS Online Staff Awareness course

Image Title The ITG PCI DSS Online Staff Awareness course is designed to increase employees’ awareness of the PCI DSS requirements, and to provide clear and simple explanations of what companies and individual employees must do to meet the requirements of the recently released version (v2.0) of the standard.

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e-learning technology is at the core of our commitment to helping you deliver information security awareness induction and training programmes. Developed and hosted by IT Governance, the PCI DSS Online Staff Awareness course offers the following benefits:

  • Online learning accessed from staff desks or at home
  • Reduced cost with no travel or accommodation overhead
  • Minimise time away from core work activities
  • 40-minute course with a 20 minute test to assess learning effectiveness
  • Can be customised for additional specific technical or commercial needs

Positive, aware and well trained members of staff are a key part of ensuring that you fully comply with the PCI DSS standard AND protect the crucial intellectual assets of your organisation, namely your confidential information, relationships and reputation.

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If you require a more intensive and trainer-lead approach to fully implementing the PCI DSS standard, we recommend that you consider attending the IT Governance PCI Foundation Training Course.