PCI DSS is a key weapon in the battle against the cybercriminals!

Fighting fraud and identity theft, the PCI DSS exists to protect the personal data of payment cardholders. The new ITG PCI DSS Online Course from IT Governance is designed to increase employees’ awareness of the PCI DSS requirements, and to provide clear and simple explanations of what companies and individual employees must do to meet the requirements of the current version (v2.0) of the standard.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in heavy fines, restrictions or even permanent expulsion from payment card acceptance programmes. More importantly, in the end, failure to meet your security obligations leaves you vulnerable to a data breach. And if you let your customers down in that way, the consequences for your business could be terminal.



ITG PCI DSS Online Course, Staff Awareness Edition

ITG PCI DSS Online Course, Staff Awareness Edition

Discounted prices are available if you have fifteen (15) or more staff to train – please email us for pricing options.

We have a customisable version of this course AND discounted prices available if you have 51 or more members of staff to train, and you would like to include your own procedures, inhouse look and feel and other information. Read more about our customisable ITG e-learning or email us for an online demo and a price estimate.

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  • The PCI DSS is a key weapon in the battle against the cybercriminals, and staff training is one of the specific PCI DSS requirements.
  • Our new e-learning course offers the simplest, quickest, most economical and most convenient means possible for a company’s employees to learn how to comply.
  • In the current economic climate, e-learning brings a business direct efficiency gains. There are none of the normal training costs for instructors, meeting rooms, travel, accommodation or subsistence.
  • You can minimise the time staff spend away from their desks when training.

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