Passwords on Unlocked Computers Can Be Stolen in 15 Seconds

How many times during the day do you get up from your desk and walk away from your PC without locking it?

If the answer is at least once, then you are putting your information at risk.

Here at IT Governance, we have a policy in place which requires that if you are not using your PC then it must be locked.

There is a compelling reason to do this.

To make internet browsing easier, web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox offer to save your passwords for you meaning that you can login to your accounts much quicker.

Did you know that Chrome stores these passwords in plain text?

By going to Settings > Advanced > Passwords and forms > Managed saved passwords – you can view all of your saved passwords.

At first, these passwords are represented with bullet points, but if you hover over them you can press the ‘show’ button which will then display your passwords in plain text.

You can do all of this in 15 seconds (I did it), which would give a person with bad intentions enough time to quickly steal your passwords while you get up to make yourself a coffee.

Can you trust everyone in your office building?

Lock your screen

Windows Key + L