Passwords at global intelligence company were ‘too weak’

The Internet security passwords at global intelligence company, Stratfor, were ‘too weak’ claims researchers at Utah Valley University.

Stratfor (aka Stategic Forecasting) was hacked shortly before Christmas by well-known cyber gang, Anonymous. The firewall systems were broken into and subscribers of Strafor’s details data was posted online for all to see. What makes this case so unique, is that Stratfor provides analysis of data security issues, holding sensitive data regarding the online security industry.

Utah Valley University analysed the stolen data, only to find that security measures such as username and passwords were not secure enough to ward off hackers. Subscribers to Strafor were put at risk as details of their accounts and card numbers were published by Anonymous.

IT director and professor for Utah Valley University, Kevin Young, said that Stratfor “should have known better” in order to protect themselves against such a thing happening.

So if a data security company can’t use strong passwords, then what hope does this leave for the rest of us? 

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