PAS 555 – Cyber Security Risk Governance and Management

What does effective cyber security look like?

The many standards and sources of best practice on cyber security tend to focus on delivery (the how).

PAS 555:2013 is the new Cyber Security Risk Governance and Management standard, and details what effective cyber security looks like (the what).

PAS 555:2013 Cyber Security Risk Governance and Management PAS 555:2013 Cyber Security Risk Governance and Management

Price: £80.00


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PAS 555 is intended for use by any organisation that wishes to gain confidence in their management and governance of cyber security. Any organisation irrespective of their size, type, nature of business or location can employ the PAS 555.

Simply buy the standard and get started with delivering effective cyber security today!

In addition to purchasing this standard, you should take a look at our Cyber Security Risk Assessment Service.

Our independent, professionally executed cyber security risk assessment will help identify the key areas that you need to address, and put you in a position to take the necessary steps to limit your exposure and mitigate your risk.

The cyber security risk assessment is carried out in up to two days on site with you and your team, and we then spend another day writing up our findings and detailed recommendations into a customised cyber security action plan for your organisation. Including advance preparation (but excluding travel and VAT) your total investment in developing a complete cyber security action plan is just £3k.

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