Overconfidence blurs out the risk

I think I’m pretty safe to say that email is an important tool in most organisations. In the UK alone there are 7 billion emails sent a day, which is impressive – especially considering there’s 66 million people in the UK.

Clearly, a large portion of those emails are sent to mass amounts of people (i.e. emailing marketing campaigns), but there’s still a large quantity of individual emails which are incredibly important and contain highly confidential information.

How many emails containing confidential information are sent within your organisation a month? Let’s say 600. That’s 600 chances that your organisation’s confidential information risks being exposed to the wrong people. A recent survey undertaken by SilverSky found that 56.1% of 119 respondents had sent emails to the wrong people. Let’s do a bit of maths.

600 confidential emails a month

5 emails per person

120 people

56.1% of 120 = 67.32

That means there’s a chance that 67 people might send the wrong email to someone, in one month.

When people get used to something, they become overconfident and end up making careless mistakes. Eventually, a large error will occur, such as accidently sending a competitor a copy of your marketing plan. That’s more than just a ‘whoops’, that’s a huge problem caused by overconfidence and one simple error.

Boldon James Classifier doesn’t allow mistakes like this to happen. Instead, one of its unique features controls where emails of a certain classification, or that have an attachment of a certain classification, can be sent to. This means that even if an employee makes a careless mistake, the Boldon James Classifier won’t let it result to anything.


  1. Matthew Martin 29th July 2013
  2. Lewis Morgan 30th July 2013