Over-complex IT security costs UK businesses 127 days each year

padlock-597495_1920According to latest figures from IS Decisions, large organisations with 250+ employees can lose 2.7 days a week or 127 days a year because of complex IT security procedures. For small organisations (30 employees), this can take up 15.3 days a year.

In business terms, this is significant: 127 business days is just over 25 weeks – about six months.

The research shows that organisations are becoming more aware of the effect that complex security has on productivity, with 41% saying the day-to-day impact of security on employee productivity is increasing.

Simplify your information security procedures

Having your information security policies and procedures documented proves your commitment to protecting the information you handle, but creating them from scratch can be time-consuming and burdensome.

Large organisations implementing an ISMS (information security management system) are looking at maintaining up to 1,000 pages, which can be extremely laborious.

On the other hand, using authoritative and ISO 27001-compliant (the world’s most recognised information security standard) templates is a great solution for businesses of all sizes.

Getting documentation help

writing-336370_1920If you’re about to tackle the documentation part of your project, our ISO 27001 toolkits will help you save time and money that you might otherwise spend creating the documentation from scratch.

They will enable you to:

  • quickly and easily create ISO 27001-compliant documentation;
  • conduct risk assessments with minimal hassle;
  • access the official ISO 27000 standards;
  • learn best-practice implementation methods from experts.

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Simplify your IT security procedures with pre-written templates