Only 20% of organisations have access to published data on cyber attacks in their industry

Computer securityCyber criminals have become ruthless in pursuit of their ambitions, and are targeting specific organisations in ever-evolving ways  by constantly refining their tactics.  For this reason, it is quite apparent that organisations should have a comprehensive awareness of the broader threat landscape and how it relates to them and their industry.

Few organisations have the capability to anticipate cyber threats and implement preventative strategies, however, despite prevention being more cost effective.

Only 5% of 1800 global organisations surveyed have advanced threat intelligence capabilities and employ dedicated cyber threat analysts. The survey found 37% of organisations have no real-time insight into cyber risks, and only 20% have access to published data on cyber attacks in their industry.

The findings indicate that organisations need to improve their ability to anticipate cyber attacks in an environment where breaches have become inevitable instead of avoidable.

Factors affecting organisations’ access to data include budget, expertise and agility concerns.

The concept of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is now pervasive, with many providers offering CTI services to those who recognise the value of cyber threat information.

Unfortunately, many CTI providers supply reams of raw information, leaving the client to interpret the data in their own manner, draw their own (often incorrect) conclusions, and implement inappropriate actions.

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