Olympics 2012 – Continuity & Security – Policy and Checklist

The 2012 London Olympics will bring huge numbers of visitors to Britain. They will also pontentially bring significant staff absenteeism, travel disruption, business disruption, security threats and supply chain problems.

To help you address all the potential disruptions and security threats that the London Olympics will cause, we’ve developed an inexpensive and innovative Olympics 2012 – Continuity & Security – Policy and Checklist.Buy your copy now or get it free with the BS25999 BCMS Implementation toolkit >>
BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit

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Price: Olympics 2012 – Continuity & Security – Policy and Checklist!

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BS25999 is best practice for Business Continuity Management, and this toolkit contains all the templates and tools that enable a BC manager to quickly and effectively implement a BCMS in line with BS25999.

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