Obama’s clean-energy economy objectives puts Green IT back on the agenda

The BP oil spill, off the Gulf of Mexico, has been branded the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced. And unlike an earthquake or a hurricane, it’s not a single event that does its damage in a matter of minutes or days. The millions of gallons of oil that have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico are more like an epidemic.

Barack Obama has stressed the need for urgent action to move forward with innovative energy policies that will ensure the end of America’s reliance on fossil fuels and a clean energy future. This Administration has taken unprecedented action to jumpstart the clean energy industry, and the President emphasized the need to match these actions by a comprehensive plan that transitions the United States to a 21st-century clean-energy economy.

To meet these objectives, new ‘Green’ policies will be introduced. Some of these policies could have a significant effect on your IT infrustructure and you need to act now, get ahead of the curve and begin your own Green IT initiatives.

Our Green IT Range provides you with cutting edge Green IT books, tools and other resources.

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Green IT in Practice, Second edition

Endorsed by Global Action Plan, this best-selling practical book helps managers to navigate the confusing mass of information surrounding Green IT with greater ease. Focusing heavily on the experience of implementing the John Lewis Partnership’s Green IT programme, it contains a host of valuable ideas for establishing and formalising your own Green IT initiative.


The Governance of Green IT

Today’s high-performance high-density computer systems are requiring power and cooling densities that hitherto were unheard of. As a result, not only are some data center facilities challenged to provide the power and cooling needed, but in some cases, the power utility can’t even provide additional power without improving the power grid and/or developing additional generation facilities.

This new pocket guide covers the role of processes in reducing data center energy requirements. The Green IT process can help IT implement the necessary governance and processes to address these risks. This book provides an overview so IT can do just that.


Green IT – Reality, Benefits & Best Practices – an ITGP Best Practice Report describes the facts behind the greenwashing and provides:

  • A clear description of both sides of the Green IT agenda including a summary of international activity;
  • A summary of the emerging global legal/regulatory initiatives;
  • A discussion of the corporate social responsibility issues;
  • A workable description of the core ‘Green IT’ definitions and what they mean within a business environment (complete with a glossary of Green IT terms);
  • Real guidance on reducing costs and improving energy efficiency in the data centre;
  • Best-practice for using IT to make business savings in other areas;
  • A description of best practice in implementing a green IT agenda.


Green IT: Pack of 3 Pocket Guides

“The new book series by Alan Calder on green IT and green offices is an outstanding asset for anyone looking to improve the environmental performance of their workplace. Is it equally as informative for office managers looking to set office policies as for the employee interested in their own actions. Calder does an excellent job of making this expansive topic accessible to the interested but non-expert reader. I would highly recommend this book series to both those who are making green IT a centerpiece of their duties, as well as those who are interested in the topic at a more casual level. While the format of the books makes them a handy reference for daily use, the writing is such that they can be taken in also as a textbook to quickly bring the reader up to date on the latest best practices.” Jon Dettling, Ecointesys – Life Cycle Systems.


Digital readers will benefit from a 10% discount on any downloadable resource in the ITGP Green IT range by entering GREENIT at the checkout, until the end of June!

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