O2 in the Spotlight

Major British telecommunications company O2 has attracted more complaints relating to data protection over the last year than any other public or private organisation in the UK, TechWeek Europe revealed on Tuesday.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), who had been looking into these 48 complaints, said that the complaints were mostly to do with “disclosure of data” and “security” issues.

In response to these complaints an O2 spokesperson has said, “We take data protection very seriously…..The Privacy Policy on our website helps O2 customers understand how we manage their data and use their information – if they have any concerns, our Customer Service team are available to help.”

Owners of O2 (Telefonica UK) may want to take note of these objections as collectively Telefonica UK has received more complaints regarding data protection issues than both Google and Sony combined (including both their high-profile data breaches!)

Who would have thought, eh?

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