Nigerian bank IT worker on the run after £23.5m cyber heist

Police in Nigeria are on the hunt for 38 year old IT worker, Godswill Oyegwa Uyoyou, for his involvement in a major cyber heist at the bank where he was employed.

It’s believed that Uyoyou provided necessary steps to allow other thieves onto bank premises under the guise of maintenance workers.

Uyoyou and his team began to initiate transfers totalling 6.28 billion Nigeria Naira (£23.5 million). The stolen funds were then sent to bank accounts believed to belong to the thieves.

Sources claim that the affected bank is a branch of Skye Bank, but this hasn’t been confirmed by the bank.

This story goes to show that organisations can implement the toughest security available to them but how well this performs depends largely on the people involved. The temptation of £23.5 million was far too much for Uyoyou – and he’s not the only one.

Cyber criminals would rather access in-bank systems to carry out cyber heists, rather than going up against countless firewalls and other measures, as seen in the failed attempts to rob branches of Barclays and Santander banks in the UK.

Next steps…

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