Information Commissioner Fines NHS Trust £175,000 For DPA Breach

On Monday the Information Commissioner fined Torbay Care Trust a huge £175,000 after sensitive details of over 1,000 employees were published on the Trust’s website. The information was published on April 2011 and the Trust only became aware when a member of the public notified them 19 weeks later.

The data published covered the quality and diversity responses of 1,373 staff and included names, dates of birth, national insurance numbers and sensitive information about individuals religion and sexuality.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) commented that the Trust has no guidance for what information should be published online. Stephen Eckersley, Head of Enforcement, said:

The fact that this breach was caused by Torbay Care Trust publishing sensitive information about their staff is extremely troubling and was entirely avoidable. Not only were they giving sensitive information out about their employees but they were also leaving them exposed to the threat of identity fraud.

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