New webinar discusses IT security governance and why organisations should act

Webinar_23-AprilIn an age of increasing data theft and loss, the effective management of IT security is more important than ever. National and international regulators require organisations to prove they conform to privacy laws and have implemented high-security measures.

IT security governance standards such as ISO 27001 are highly respected for their response to these issues, but what do they stipulate? Why and how should organisations act?

Join Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, and Chris Payne, senior technical consultant at Infinigate UK, on 23 April at 11am (BST) when they will discuss the best strategies for becoming cyber resilient, taking into account the roles played by people, processes and technology, while meeting government requirements.

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You will learn about:

  • IT security governance and best-practice standards.
  • Common challenges associated with IT security policy implementation.
  • Basic provisions and how you can start to improve your own IT security using a governance approach.
  • How IT security governance standards have evolved to meet the changing threat landscape, and theĀ  security solutions that can support your governance strategy.

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