New phishing infographic… don’t swallow the bait!

Phishing attacks, in which unsuspecting users are tricked into downloading malware or handing over personal and business information, are becoming increasingly common. They usually take the form of email links to malicious websites masquerading as legitimate ones.

Every day, 156 million phishing emails are sent, 15.6 million make it through spam filters, 8 million are opened, 800,000 recipients click on the links, and 80,000 of them unwittingly hand over their information to criminals.

Phishing is in the news every week: recent phishing stories include a scam targeting iPhone and iPad users who have lost their devices, and a vulnerability in Google Apps Admin.

IT Governance has produced a new infographic to illustrate the threat that phishing poses to organisations.

Make sure your employees don’t swallow the bait.


Phishing staff awareness and assessments

A new Vormetric Report found that 89% of organisations felt at risk from insider threats – including the threat posed by careless or ignorant staff. If you’re concerned about your staff’s susceptibility to phishing attacks, you may be interested in:

IT Governance’s Cyber Security and Phishing Staff Awareness Course will enable you and your team to understand how cyber criminals operate, how they plan and execute their phishing campaigns, and how to spot and avoid phishing tactics.

Our Employee Phishing Vulnerability Assessment will identify potential vulnerabilities among your employees and provide recommendations to improve your security, giving you a broad understanding of how you are at risk and what you need to do to address these risks.

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