New ISO 27001 certification figures show 20% increase

ISO 27001 certifications have grown 20%, according to the recently published ISO Survey.

Globally, 27,536 certificates were issued during 2015 compared to 23,005 the previous year. This is the first year since records first began in 2007 that there has been such a large jump in certifications.

ISO 27001 certificates 2015

This biggest increase in certifications has come from North America (+78%) and Africa (+63%) which now have 1,445 and 129 certificated organisations respectively.

Organisations within East Asia and Pacific still hold the highest number of certifications at 11,994, which is mainly due to the fact that under local privacy laws it is mandatory for Japanese businesses to hold ISO 27001 certificates.

Why the sudden rise?

As data breaches and cyber attacks continue to threaten businesses, organisations worldwide are recognising the need of having an information security management system (ISMS) that is accredited to an internationally-recognised Standard to prove to stakeholders that they take cyber security seriously.

In 2015 alone, there was a multitude of high-profile data breaches that rocked major organisations, including:

  • The United States Office of Personnel Management suffered multiple breaches, which led to the theft of data from 22 million current and former federal employees.
  • Two major health insurers, Anthem and Premera, were hacked.
  • An Italian business that sells zero-day exploits to aid governments seeking to break into systems was itself hacked.
  • Ashley Madison was hacked and 37 million customer records were posted publicly, leading to much embarrassment, and heartache. It also represented a treasure trove of potential spear-phishing victims.

ISO 27001 certification is often a supply chain requirement and, as such, can help organisations broaden their client base and supply chain network, while supporting business opportunities in international markets where the Standard is recognised.

Other ISO 27001 benefits include: enhanced reputation, increased stakeholder trust, meeting regulatory and compliance requirements, and improved internal processes.

Implementing ISO 27001 in your organisation

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