NEW – Information Security Awareness Bundle

Where your information security is concerned, prevention is better than cure

If you want to tackle the problem of information security, you cannot rely on the help of technology alone. Information security breaches tend to occur as a result of human, as well as technological, failings. However, the human factor usually receives far less attention.

Information Security Awareness Bundle

This carefully selected collection of products, will enable you to start to deliver general information security education, and provides resources to help you to create and implement an IT induction and information security awareness programme.

"This clearly written booklet is soundly based in practice, and I challenge anyone with resonsibilities in IT or HR in an organisation not to find value in it." – David Clayden on IT Induction and Information Security Awareness Pocket Guide.

The bundle includes:

  • Information Security Awareness Posters (Hard copy)
    These posters are designed to be used as part of a general information security education and awareness initiative. Each set of six includes one poster on each of the following: social engineering, password practices, security incidents, sensitive information, beware, and portable equipment. These posters are A1 size and will be shipped on completion of your order.
  • A Dictionary of Information Security Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms
    This dictionary is an invaluable resource for people grappling with security terminology for the first time. Rather than a dry technical dictionary, the book is written in an accessible style that enables managers and novices to quickly grasp the meaning of information security terms.
  • An Introduction to Information Security and ISO27001
    This pocket guide will suit both individuals who need an introduction to a topic that they know little about, and also organisations implementing, or considering implementing, some sort of information security management regime.
  • IT Induction and Information Security Awareness
    This pocket guide puts forward the case for an organisation-wide, fully-supported IT Induction and Information Security Awareness Programme.

This bundle is available in two formats >>

  1. Information Security Awareness Bundle – with PRINTED posters
  2. Information Security Awareness Bundle – with Downloadable posters

The Downloadable posters come with a licence to print each poster again and again!

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