New Book: Transform ITIL Best Practice Into Operational Success

No One of Us is as Strong as All of Us is the follow up to Dan McLean’s ITSM Iron Triangle.

In this new book Dan demonstrates how transforming ITIL best practices into operational success is more dependant upon transforming behaviors than technology.

This innovative fictionalized narrative builds on real-life experiences of people just like you and the daily ITSM challenges you encounter. See how they:

  • Dealt with situations where being right didn’t mean success
  • Survived management pressure as others were fired around them
  • Built credibility in the face of doubt and mistrust from their peers
  • Separated good advice from bad.

Read the book to learn from their mistakes and replicate their successes!

No One of Us is as Strong as All of Us No One of Us is as Strong as All of Us

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The narrative style of the book will help readers understand resistance to change and the lack of empathy that exists between IT and the business it supports

This book, “…ensures we understand the interpersonal aspects often overlooked as we focus on design and implementation of new tools and processes rather than change in behavior … The use of a story to illustrate both ITIL process basics and the inherent implementation challenges makes this a powerful but quick, easy read.’
Susan Schellhase, itSMF USA member

Transform ITIL best practice into operational success – download today

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