New book: The Psychology of Information Security

This brand new, must-have book considers information security from differing viewpoints in order to gain insight into security issues relating to human behaviour, helping security professionals understand how a security culture that puts risk into context promotes compliance.

Based on insights gained from academic research as well as interviews with UK-based security professionals from various sectors, this new title from ITGP explains the importance of careful risk management and how to align a security programme with wider business objectives.

What others have said…

This book cuts to the heart of many of the challenges in risk management, providing advice and tips from interviews as well as models that can be employed easily.

Thom Langford, Chief Information Security Officer

Based on real world examples the book provides valuable insights into the relationship of information security, compliance, business economics and decision theory. Drawing on interdisciplinary studies, commentary from the field and his own research Leron gives the reader the necessary background and practical tools to drive improvements in their own information security program.

Daniel Schatz, Director for Threat & Vulnerability Management

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Series information

The Psychology of Information Security is part of the Fundamentals Series, co-published by IT Governance Publishing and Information Security Buzz.


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