Netherlands lead the way in Internet Security

According to a secure communications service, Eurostat released a report in regards to the use of security software by people across Europe.  It found that people in the Netherlands were most likely to use some sort of security software, whereas people in Latvia were most likely to lose out financially because of lack of internet security and Bulgarians were most susceptible to virus infections.

The report showed that 96% of people in the Netherlands protect themselves against cyber attacks and viruses. Netherlands were high up in the table amongst other countries such as Finland, Malta and Luxembourg. However, over 30% of the population in Latvia and Estonia don’t use any form of protection against cyber attacks.

CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime by Julie Mehan provides a stark analysis of the increasing number of risks we face from cyber criminals and gives  practical measures that organisations can take to protect themselves. This book also provides a useful glossary of wider reading and current international standards.

Remember – protect yourself before it’s too late!