National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Is Your Business Cybersecure?

Technology is an integral part of modern day businesses. And with that comes the very clear and present danger of cyber attacks and cyber breaches, with 2011 seeing a huge increase in the amount and scale of attacks on businesses of all sizes.

Often businesses will spend money on insurance, security systems for their premises, fire alarms and so on. But have you taken similar care with your cybersecurity measures? And what is the most important part of your business? Your critical assets: the systems which run your business and the information held within them.

We must also remember that cybersecurity isn’t just important for protecting your businesses’ critical assets, customer data and confidential information; it also protects your brand.

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ISO27001 – The World’s Only Cybersecurity Standard

The best way to ensure you are cybersecure is to implement ISO27001, the world’s only cyber security information standard. ISO27001 will underpin IT security for the next decade and will help businesses create a best-in-class Information Security Management System.

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Our ISO27001 Toolkit provides all the tools, document templates, guidance and support you need to implement your own ISO27001 project. With this toolkit you can rapidly become ISO27001 ready and ensure your business is cybersecure

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