MSP 2011 Edition Now Available

The latest ‘Managing Successful Programmes’ (MSP) 2011 is now available to purchase. It combines rigour and flexibility, helping all organisations achieve successful outcomes from their programmes time and time again. MSP 2011 can be employed by public, private, or not-for-profit organisations, large or small.

The latest MSP 2011 Edition:

  • Describes a best practice approach
  • Uses real-life examples and helpful tips
  • Includes the latest ‘thinking’ on programme management best practice
  • Includes new guidance covering assurance and integrated assurance

What’s Changed With The 2011 Update?

MSP 2011 provides clearer guidance on how a programme deals with multiples business change managers. New guidance covering integrated assurance has been added to the Quality and Assurance Management chapter in the MSP 2011 manual. The theme chapters now have a section on how the theme interacts with the transformational flow.

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Managing Successful Programmes - 2011 Edition Managing Successful Programmes – 2011 Edition

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Order the MSP 2011 manual today for immediate despatch